ROC the Future is a member of the StriveTogether cradle to career network, a national movement impacting the lives of 13.7 million youth and counting. The StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network is guided by the StriveTogether Theory of Action. The Theory of Action acts as a guide for those willing to commit over the long term to developing the right civic infrastructure that meets the unique needs of their local community.

The StriveTogether Theory of Action distinguishes this work from traditional collaboration and other collective impact approaches. With a focus on quality and results, they are critical for ensuring a community transforms how it serves children. Most importantly, communities work together to achieve population-level change, evidenced by student indicators consistently moving in the right direction.

Since 2015, ROC the Future has been working to achieve the two final benchmarks in the Sustaining Gateway of the Theory of Action, and now are making our way towards the Systems Change designation.  This is a huge accomplishment, and is an acknowledgement that we’ve prioritized working collectively, and put the necessary supports in place to achieve systems level change to improve educational outcomes.