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We are continually looking to welcome dedicated members to our community. ROC the Future Alliance welcomes individuals, educators, investors, local businesses, and anyone interested in improving the educational landscape for success for Rochester, NY, youth. Our data-driven approach focuses on improved childhood development and ongoing progress. If this sounds like a mission you’d like to work toward, we’d love to have you.

Cradle-to-career Outcomes:

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Our outcomes teams work to ensure that every child is school ready, supported, successful, and college & career ready.

Whole Child Initiative

A child’s developmental readiness for kindergarten lays the foundation for ongoing academic accomplishment.

High School Graduation

High school graduates have healthier relations, earn higher wages, and are more successful in their personal and social lives.

Parent Engagement

Parent involvement is a crucial component of a child’s success.

Youth Leadership Coalition

Youth leaders collaborate to reach goals and complete training in cultural empathy, youth leadership, civic engagement, and collective impact.


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