Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership

In 2020, ROC the Future Alliance launched the Youth Leadership Coalition (YLC) in collaboration with the RCSD Student Leadership Council, the Mayor’s Youth Voice One Vision, In-Control, and other partners. Delivered by SpreadKarma, a youth development training organization from Baltimore, YLC members complete training in cultural empathy, youth leadership, civic engagement, and collective impact. Youth who complete the core training can be trained as trainers, which embodies the essence of cultural empathy, and authentically engages youth in critical thinking skills. Two cohorts have completed the full-year training of eight sessions (both in-person and virtual).

Our Youth Leadership Coalition Goals

Youth leaders work collaboratively to establish a shared vision for the direction of youth voice and leadership within Rochester.

Youth leaders work collaboratively to activate youth voices through civic engagement through a Collective Impact Youth Summit which engages city representatives and community leaders.

Youth leaders become YLC trainers after completing eight training sessions.

To nominate a student for the Youth Leadership Coalition, contact Teara Davis, Family and Community Engagement Manager, at