ROC the Future:  Using Data to Improve Outcomes


As a community we’ve often come together to support promising educational programs. But over the past 5 years, ROC the Future instead, works to identify the most important outcomes for children, and to commit to finding the best ways to drive improvement in those outcomes.

As a StriveTogether partner, ROC the Future is currently in Strive’s 3rd gateway, as a “Sustaining” network.  This means that as a community we’ve met a set of quality benchmarks within Strive’s “Cradle to Career” framework that helps us to think about, and work towards improved student outcomes, not programs.  Using the StriveTogether Framework as a guide helps us commit to, and follow over the long-term, strategies to improve population-level outcomes, from cradle-to-career.

A principal element of the framework is the integration of professional expertise and data that enable us to make decisions and prioritize targeted efforts and actions proven to improve student outcomes.  By intentionally adopting “evidenced based decision making” within the ROC the Future framework, we identify:

·  Community Level Outcomes – points along the cradle to career continuum, proven to be key levers that need to be moved in order to achieve outcomes, and ensure accountability to the community.

·   Data Collection & Sharing – necessary processes, mechanisms, and relationships that need to be in place to effectively access and share necessary data to enable impact.

·   Capacity to Analyze Data – systems, processes, or individuals that enable the connection and analysis of student and community level data to drive the continuous improvement process. What makes ROC the Future fundamentally different from previous efforts is our ability to organize around outcomes instead of programs.  By identifying indicators, collecting and analyzing our data, we’ve been able to determine targeted areas of need, and implement promising practices and actions to improve.

What makes ROC the Future different is our ability and willingness to change our behavior as a community to make this work over the long-term, from cradle-to-career.