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Collective impact takes a collective effort. We’re inspiring Rochester community leaders and partners to work together to inspire our community to help improve the odds that children succeed in school and in life.

Information is a powerful tool used to focus attention on critical issues affecting our community. ROC the Future gathers, analyzes and shares information on the state of education in Rochester to guide improvement and measure progress.

ROC the Future is committed to improving the state of education in Rochester by using data and information about what works best and by coordinating and aligning resources focused on helping our children succeed.

ROC the Future is a collaborative community-wide initiative dedicated to ensuring that all children receive the opportunities and support they need—from birth to career—to succeed in school and throughout life. ROC the Future is part of the nationally recognized STRIVE framework dedicated to building strong civic infrastructure that supports improvement in student outcomes through collective impact.

The STRIVE framework originated as a project in Greater Cincinnati and was launched in 2006. During its first five years, STRIVE noted positive improvements in 40 of the 53 educational outcomes it measured. As examples, that community has realized a 9% increase in kindergarten readiness, 11% increase in high school graduation and 10% increase in college enrollment. With this success, the national Cradle to Career Network was launched in 2011 as a way to connect communities that are building cradle-to-career civic infrastructure using the Strive framework. The network enables members to share expertise, identify and adapt programs that work, and develop effective tools and resources that can be brought to bear on specific challenges. To date, more than 60 communities are a part of the Cradle to Career Network.

Equity: We believe that every child can succeed, and we are morally obligated to see that they do.

Collaboration: We leverage existing partnerships and seek new ones that are committed to working on common goals in ways that are respectful and inclusive.

Evidence-based decision making: We are committed to tracking, gathering and assessing relevant data and then basing decisions on the best information available.

Integrity and accountability: We communicate openly and honestly with our stakeholders and our community about what we do, how we do it and the results we achieve, keeping our actions consistent with our words.

Improvement: We continuously monitor progress and make adjustments to improve what we do and seek the same in our community.