Sign the Petition – Our Children. Our Future.

Here’s your chance to take action now!

We understand that the voices of children and families, community, civic, business and nonprofit leaders must be represented and engaged at all essential decision-making tables. We step forward to actively assure that these voices are represented during the months ahead. The Distinguished Educator’s Report highlights the attention of the community on the breakdown of public education in Rochester. These are systemic failures; certainly not failures of our children, nor of any one leader, teacher or board. Systemic and transformational change is needed.

These Core Agreements represent the collective thinking of ROC the Future and substantiate our reasons for taking action.

  1. The Distinguished Educator Report is Right: The time for debate is over. We are engaged to move forward.
  2. The Status Quo is Unacceptable: This is an urgent crisis and a “new standard” must be set.
  3. It’s the System, Not the Children: We will focus our efforts on the improvement of the Rochester City School District.
  4. This is a Unique Moment in Time for Shared Action: This urgent crisis creates an opportunity for us to come together.
  5. Change is Possible with the Right Unified Approach: We are committed to co-developing a shared vision, solutions and strategies.
  6. The Right Change will Benefit All our Children: No change, not enough change or the WRONG change will lead to our shared undoing.
  7. Equity for All:  All schools will be ready for all children. Every child will be prepared to succeed in school and life.
  8. Transformative: Our engagement must lead to lasting change.
  9. Data: We will make evidenced-based decisions to improve outcomes for our children.

Read the signed letter to Commissioner MaryEllen Elia here.