A Message from the Director


This is definitely one of the busiest times for ROC the Future with lots of happenings in the education realm, as well as in other sectors impacting Rochester’s children – housing, health, poverty, etc.

As we get more and more activated to do this work, it is really important that we get super informed about how Rochester arrived at our current condition, and the systems and actions that impact the current state of education and RCSD.  Until we have a really good understanding of all the possible forces and challenges impacting our community in general, and education more specifically, we will not know what possible actions we can take to transform it into one that really works for all of our children. Continue reading

Collective Impact Partner of the Month – Nazareth College


Employing a strategy of collective impact means more than collaboration. Collaboration happens when we meet together; collective impact is what we do when we return to our respective organizations. In a 2017 article published in the Democrat & Chronicle co-authored by Hank Rubin and Leonard Brock, they discuss how collective impact focuses on change inside partner organizations. It begins when we, as a community, agree to a set of shared outcomes, then individually, go back to our organizations and work with our staffs, boards, and volunteers to figure out what we – individually and organizationally – can best do to achieve those shared goals and then choose to make intentional changes to accomplish this. When each organization chooses to shift and align our work and priorities in this way, we accomplish collective impact. Continue reading

Community Engagement at the Forefront

CEP Texas

Community engagement is a critical part of all that we do. Last month, Tanishia Johnson, Manager of Community and Family Empowerment, attended the Community Engagement Partners (CEP) network convening in San Antonio, Texas. Partners from across the country discussed the creative ways community engagement has strengthened schools, communities and families. Highlighting the unique social and political dynamics in cities across the network, attendees engaged in the planning of building coalitions to address cross-sector inequities, and considered how they are measuring and communicating about the impact of their work. Continue reading

Update on Community Schools

boy raising hand2

As a convener of the Community Schools Leadership Team, we are happy to share that RCSD has made great strides over the past 12 months.  Five of the Community Schools will be removed from the NYSED List of Receivership Schools as of July 1st, due to making “demonstrable improvement” over the past few years, with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School #9 moving from Receivership into “Good Standing”! Continue reading

Staff Spotlight: Celebrating Women

womens conferene2

On March 30th, in honor of Women’s History Month, Tanishia Johnson, Community and Family Engagement Manager and Founder/CEO of Beyond This Moment Life Coaching and Business Consulting, hosted the annual Beyond This Moment Conference, 2019 Theme: Authentic Sisterhood…let the healing begin! Continue reading

Every Child, Cradle to Career


Each week, we will be lifting up community members and partners on social media who are doing their part to ensure that every child is ready, cradle to career. No matter how big or small, we are recognizing and celebrating their efforts! This month’s spotlight is Ja’lynn Marie. Continue reading

College Scholarships Abound

RCAN logo

Did you know that the Rochester Area Community Foundation offers over $700,000 in scholarships every year to students locally? Did you know that the Rochester Education Foundation has a Founder’s Award for RCSD’s seniors in honor of Pat Braus, founding director? Continue reading

A Message from the Director

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Our Children. Our Future!

Last month, ROC the Future launched the “Our Children. Our Future.” Campaign in response to the steps taken by the RCSD, resulting from Dr. Jaime Aquino’s, Distinguished Educator Report.  We view the campaign as a call to action for the entire community to amplify our collective efforts, to ensure that all of Rochester’s children are college and career ready.  Continue reading

Welcome our New Manager of Continuous Improvement

Camille Simmons photo

The Children’s Agenda is pleased to welcome Camille Simmons as the Manager of Continuous Improvement for ROC the Future. Camille will work directly with our Outcome Teams, Collaborative Action Networks, and other stakeholder groups to develop and improve processes to accelerate the impacts of our work. Camille comes to us from Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection. As the previous Manager of Operations, Camille oversaw a team dedicated to the agency’s youth employment, academic, college readiness, and career based services and partnerships. Continue reading

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