Let’s Get Our Students Registered for Financial Aid

FAFSA Fest logo

Since 2014, the Rochester Education Foundation, which leads our College Access CAN, has hosted FAFSA Fest events throughout the city to help high school seniors and their families file the FAFSA. This year, the College Access CAN is shooting for at least a 45% FAFSA completion rate by June 30th among Rochester city and charter seniors, a 5% boost over last year. As of March 15th, our FAFSA completion rate for RCSD and charter schools was 32.07% compared to 28.9% this time last year.  There will be a community-based FASFA event on Thursday, April 25th from 3-7pm in partnership with Literacy Volunteers located at 1600 South Ave.

The team will also lead school based events at individual schools for students of this year’s graduating class. School counselors are urged to contact The Rochester Education Foundation to schedule individual sessions.  As part of this year’s FAFSA Completion Challenge, through the National College Access Network, Rochester is competing against 25 other cities for a grand prize of $100,000. Many schools only need a handful of students to complete the application to hit their 5% marker. Current completion rates at each school can be found here. Contact Shavae Lewis at slewis@rochestereducation.org for more information.