Knocking on Doors to Remind Parents That Every Minute Matters


Chronic absence has a direct impact on students’ ability to succeed in school.  Just being absent for 2 days of school each month, adds up to an entire month missed by the end of the school year. Chronic absenteeism is a major challenge, but the Rochester City School District is taking major steps to improve school attendance for the 2016-17 school year, including:

  • Monthly school attendance blitzes where volunteers knock on doors of students’ home who were chronically absent during the last school year. Volunteers provide families with valuable information around school attendance, important phone numbers and tips to reduce chronic absenteeism.
  • Every Minute Matters campaign which is a collective impact initiative of people and organizations working together to improve student success by helping parents understand the critical link between attendance and the long-term success of their child.
  • Partnership with WDKX that provides a media platform to reach larger audiences and to collaborate on events for district families.
On Thursday, August 25th ROC the Future Conveners and staff members from The Children’s Agenda visited the homes of students in grades 1 through 3 who were chronically absent in 2015-16—which means they missed more than 18 days of school or 10 percent of the school year.