Early Grade Literacy

STLP Austin


ROC the Future has set out to make reading by 3rd an ongoing priority. When kids fall behind in reading, it becomes more and more challenging for them to stay on track in all subjects as they move into middle and high school. We want to get ahead of this issue and ensure that all children are reading on grade level and developing skills not only in reading, but in writing, critical thinking and oral skills as well.

ROC the Future received nearly $75,000 from StriveTogether, a national nonprofit working to bring communities together around data to make decisions and improve results for kids. ROC the Future will use its grant award to support the Early Grade Literacy Outcome Team, led by Dr. Karen Fahy, RCSD Executive Director of ELA/Integrated Literacy and Patricia Uttaro, Director of Rochester Public Library.

A portion of the award money supports our participation in StriveTogether’s Leadership Program. The Leadership Program equips diverse teams of community leaders with practical skills and a rigorous, action-oriented process to create real, lasting change for children and families. We will join 9 other partnerships from communities on the West coast, East coast, Midwest and the South in a nine-month series of intensive action-based sessions that bring teams together to accelerate progress on an academic outcome.

This work will help to inform the direction of the Early Grade Literacy Team to advance systems change at the policy and practice levels by engaging the community, using data for improvement, applying Results Count and collaborative improvement skills to catalyze lasting change for Rochester’s children.