A Strategy for High School Graduation

bots with teacher

The ROC the Future High School Graduation Outcome Team is looking forward to working directly with Wilson Commencement Academy and Edison Tech High School, the two schools recently selected to launch Strategy Teams to implement interventions to impact and improve the 9th grade experience for students.

Each school will establish a Strategy Team (ST) to develop and implement strategies using continuous improvement processes that would lead to improve graduation rates. The role of the ST is to analyze contributing factors and additional disaggregated data to identify opportunities for improvement.  The ST will track and report progress and challenges to the High School Graduation Outcome Team, who, with the help of our leadership will support the work, and help to remove barriers to progress.

Members of the Outcome Team met with the School Based Planning Team at Wilson to further discuss the scope of the ST and suggested membership, and plan to meet with the School Based Planning Team at Edison later this month. As we work with each school to roll out the ST, we will keep you abreast of our progress in the months ahead.