A Message from the Director

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Collective Engagement for Our Collective Future

It would be no exaggeration to say that 2018 was a stellar year for ROC the Future: we expanded our staffing by hiring Tanishia Johnson as our Manager of Family and Community Engagement, and received 2 significant grants that will help us build our capacity to improve the work of the alliance.  We launched our new Outcomes Frameworkby establishing two new Outcome Teams to focus on our prioritized outcomes (Early Grade Literacy and High School Graduation); and partnered with the Rochester City School District to support their Community Schools expansion framework.  These, and other accomplishments are critical points of acceleration for ROC the Future, and will help us increase our ability to make our intended impact – to improve cradle-to-career outcomes for children.

Yet, as impressive as 2018 was for ROC the Future, 2019 will be even bigger and better!  Our community is experiencing an unprecedented moment in time, which provides us with a unique opportunity to think, act and engage as a collective much more than we have in the past.  The Distinguished Educators Report released in November says it plain enough – there is systemic failure built into our educational system, and it is not working for the children in Rochester; plain and simple.  The response will be anything but, and it will take more than the district to fix.

Whatever we believe the response will be, it must be accompanied by a collective and community-wide process of engagement to get this right.   We know the problem is complex, and we know that the bulk of what must be fixed resides within the district.  We also know that we must be engaged as partners with the district to support what is best for children.  They cannot do it alone.

ROC the Future is poised to support community-wide engagement leading to collective action that supports the districts efforts to get this right.  Our collective future, the district and the City, demands it.