A Message from the Director


This is definitely one of the busiest times for ROC the Future with lots of happenings in the education realm, as well as in other sectors impacting Rochester’s children – housing, health, poverty, etc.

As we get more and more activated to do this work, it is really important that we get super informed about how Rochester arrived at our current condition, and the systems and actions that impact the current state of education and RCSD.  Until we have a really good understanding of all the possible forces and challenges impacting our community in general, and education more specifically, we will not know what possible actions we can take to transform it into one that really works for all of our children.

As a community, we must become much more knowledgeable on what we can do. To help us all get there, we are beginning a “ROC the Future Reads” campaign to encourage our community to learn more, so that we can do more.  And what better place than to start with ourselves and reading UR/CUES professor Kara Finnigan’s co-authored text, “Striving in Common” that features in-depth narratives on the educational challenges of several communities, including Rochester. This read will help to inform the members of the ROC the Future Task Force, who’ll be thinking critically about what it will take to transform our education into a world class system that works for all of our children, and not just the few.

ROC the Future envisions a community where Rochester’s leaders and community members work together to improve outcomes for every child at every step of the cradle-to-career continuum.  And by doing what we can individually, organizationally and collectively to build a better future for Rochester’s children.

Focused on children’s success. Together. (our brand promise)!


Jackie Campbell

ROC the Future Alliance Director