The School Readiness Outcomes Team remains committed to collective and strategic initiatives including READY CHILD, READY FAMILY, READY COMMUNITY and READY SCHOOLS. While the name suggests a focus on children 3-5 years in school settings, the work of the group is defined more broadly because the School Readiness Outcomes Team recognizes the importance of a whole child’s development across the early childhood years and within the context of a supportive family and community. Over the past 6-9 months the outcomes team has defined and refined the work of strategy teams to ensure a collective focus on evidence-based programs, practices and strategies relevant across the early childhood years.

Targeted strategic initiatives are coordinated and addressed through five strategy teams including: workforce development, GROW developmental screenings, collective partnerships, children developmentally on track, and 0-2 years. Notable areas of specific attention and momentum across the workgroups include: legislative efforts to address the static reimbursement rates for developmental services for children with disabilities 0-5 years; shared human resources strategies for child-serving organizations; new workforce initiatives; expanded developmental screenings for children 12 months – 5 years of age; comprehensive training and coaching for child serving professionals and families; supports for developmentally appropriate care and learning; infant mental health; maternal child health; home visitation; family language and literacy experiences for children 0-3 years across home and community settings. The School Readiness Outcomes Team remains focused on data to drive decision making at the outcomes team and strategy team levels.