James joins the ROC the Future team as a Data Analysis Specialist. Prior to joining ROC the Future, James served as a Research Analyst with Children’s Institute and served the community in various capacities including as an Assistant Professor within the SUNY system for fifteen years, a practicing attorney specializing in representing juveniles as an Attorney for the Child in the New York State Family Court, and serving four years as an AmeriCorps fellow serving in various positions supporting the educational and social emotional needs of students in the Rochester City School District.
While a faculty member at both Buffalo State College and the College at Brockport he taught in the department of Criminal Justice and while at Brockport, he was a faculty member in the Department of Public Administration.
While serving as a fellow in the AmeriCorps national service program, James supported the learning and social emotional needs of students as a behavioral intervention specialist at both Leadership Academy for Young Men and Vanguard Collegiate high schools in the Rochester City School District.
During his time at Children’s Institute, James worked with the Whole Child Connection team in consulting and assessing schools and district readiness to incorporate social and emotional learning into their curriculum.
James has been a practicing attorney since 2001, specializing as an Attorney for the Child in New York State’s 4th Department. James has represented children in custody, visitation, social welfare, educational, and PINS and juvenile delinquency matters.
James has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from University at Buffalo, a Master’s of Science in Sociology from Illinois State University, a J.D. degree from University at Buffalo, School of Law, and a Ph.D. in Sociology, specializing in social psychology from University at Buffalo.
James proudest accomplishments are being a father to his son and daughter, and being married to his high school sweetheart for over 20 years.