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Josh Jensen



ROC the Future would like to congratulate Dr. Lesli Myers-Small on officially being named as Superintendent for the Rochester City School District. As the first woman of color to hold this position, her appointment will serve as an inspiration to young women across the City of Rochester. We are optimistic that based on her experience as State Education Assistant Commissioner of School Reform and Innovation, Superintendent of the Brockport Central School District, and previous service with RCSD, she will put the needs of Rochester’s students first.

With the challenges facing the district, there is still critically important work to accomplish. It is imperative that all stakeholders of the district work together towards the common goal of creating opportunities for success for every child the district serves and that decisions regarding funding, programming and district priorities are made through a transparent process. With the district being a ROC the Future Convener, we look forward to engaging with Dr. Myers-Small as an active partner and leader in the coming weeks so she may learn more about the vital work being done collectively to support the improvement of Rochester’s children’s academic achievement and how we can collaborate for greater success.