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Monday marked the beginning of the Rochester City School District’s Phase 3 in returning students back to school in-person. The reopening plan involves a hybrid learning model with two days of in-person learning and two days virtual.

A fully remote remains available to families if they wish.

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The district lays out the opening plan for Phase 3 on their website:

  • Students in K – 8 buildings will attend on Monday/Tuesday
  • 7-12 Students in K – 12 buildings (World of Inquiry No. 58) will attend on Thursday/Friday
  • Students in 7 – 12 buildings will attend in-person on Thursday/Friday
  • Students in a 7 – 8 stand-alone building (Franklin Lower, Monroe Lower, School 3, and Northwest Junior High School at Douglass) will attend on Thursday/Friday

News 8 caught up with an RCSD parent Roshanda Johnson and her son Micah, who is an eighth grader. Micah will be returning back on Thursday, since he attends School No. 3, a 7-8 grade stand-alone building.

The two say they’re ready to go back after almost a year of being out of the building. And after many months of getting used to mask-wearing and distancing – they feel safe doing so.

Roshanda says one reason she’s confident in this return-back is trust between herself and her son, and the communication she hopes to continue and grow with teachers and staff.

“I stay in communication with teachers, let me know what’s going on, when he comes home I also check temperatures pay attention to him make sure I notice any changes in his behavior and I think that’s more important. Other than that at some point in time you have to have some type of trust,” she said.

The district provided an update on its ventilation system on Saturday, saying all school buildings will have the MERV-13 filters by the end of the month. Those filters help reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses – including COVID-19.

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