Greetings Partners!

This month, as we celebrate 10 years of the ROC the Future Alliance, we do so as a collective of community leaders, including parents, providers, educators and other partners, all focused on children’s success, TOGETHER!

We know a better future can only be attained if we deliberately work TOGETHER to change the systems that work to produce the inequitable outcomes we currently see.  This means actively working on structural change (policies, practices and resources), relational change (power dynamics and shared decision-making) and transformative change (mental models, habits of thought, etc.) to bring about real systems change for all.

ROC the Future Alliance has set an aggressive goal to reach 6,000 to hear what they think really matters for their children to be successful.  Not only to tell us, but to work with us to make change happen.  Our WILDLY IMPORTANT GOAL is a momentous challenge, but one we believe we can reach TOGETHER.  If we say we’re about change and doing better by our children, then the only way forward is TOGETHER with their families.

Our Wildly Important Goal for this academic year:

By June 2020, ROC the Future will ensure that partner organization engage at least 6,000 families to ensure the year of reentry into in-person life for children is both responsive to their unfinished learning and the gateway to long-term transformation. Family engagement efforts will identify the essential elements of successful learning environments; decide on priority actions; and inform funding priorities.

ROC the Future Alliance has never been more focused than right now on what it means to work collectively, and more in tuned to what it will take.  As the impact and residual effect of the dual pandemics of racism and covid continue to show themselves, we know that only together can the eventual outcome be averted to produce a better future for our children.  Only TOGETHER!

And there is something for everyone to do — this is the all “hands on deck” moment we’ve been talking about.  In truth, it has always been here…but it is way more visible now than it’s ever been.  It must be now…and TOGETHER!

For the Children,

Eldress Campbell