Imagine that you were in a deep sleep, for weeks, or even a month’s long sleep. Fifteen months, in fact, of deep sleep. But your sleep was troubled, filled with trauma, disruptions, confusion and uncertainty. Imagine being keenly aware of this disturbance and all that was happening, but unable to do anything about the cause of the disturbance. Really, all you could do was wait.

Now imagine being fully awake and keenly aware that a great burden has been lifted, a bullet dodged, an accident averted. Some of us emerged tarnished; some skittish. Yet, we are hopeful.

We have come out of our deep sleep, collectively smarter and wiser than we were when we closed our eyes. We have a collective understanding of what was, but also that something better, brighter, and more meaningful than before is getting ready to take place. The feeling is a little like getting married (for those who have already jumped the broom); we know we’re still going to be the same person, but we’re preparing to be someone totally new at the same time. We are serious, committed and hopeful we can and will pull it off. This is like that. We will be better, brighter, more.

Few of you old timers will know this tune…

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It’s gonna be a bright (Bright), bright (Bright)
Sun-shiny day
It’s gonna be a bright (Bright) bright (Bright)
Sun-shiny day

This is a moment like no other, at least not in our lifetime. This is once in a lifetime, once in a generation time, this piece of time, this is our time. To determine, shape and mold into something better, brighter, something more. This is our sunshiny day.

The infusion of funding to New York State, the County of Monroe, the City of Rochester, the Rochester City School District, to our charter schools and many others; this presents us with an opportunity that no one we know has ever seen. This chance, opportunity or moment will not come again, and we will all be changed in some way by this infusion. We must be careful, thoughtful, serious, and committed. And we must be collective. This is our opportunity to be better, brighter, and more. We can shine… let us not blow it!

I hope you enjoy reading the uplifting testimonials from our wonderful parent leaders in this month’s newsletter. They too, are hopeful for this moment, to be better and brighter, for this shared, new, and sunshiny day. It’s gonna be a bright, bright, sunshiny day (can’t get that tune out of my head now)!

For our children…and our families!

Eldress Jackie Campbell