A local organization held talks on the Rochester City School District’s budget Thursday night.

The Children’s Agenda offered a “teach-in” that discussed what caused the budget crisis. It says misreporting of numbers caused it.

The organization says it believes it’s important for parents to have a resource outside the district.

“Tonight is really a level set for all the information going back and forth about the fiscal crisis at the city school district,” Eamonn Scanlon, Education Policy Analyst at The Children’s Agenda said. “So parents will gain an understanding of why we’re in this current fiscal crisis, what are the factors that contribute to that for the district and what parents need to know going forward and how they can engage in the process both at the state and local level.”

Despite the problems, Scanlon said the district has been steadily improving for years. He says folks need to support the district in a lot more ways to make it successful.

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