Dear Community,

My name is Fairis Freeman and I attend World of Inquiry School #58. I will be furthering my education at the illustrious Claflin University which is a Historically Black College & University. COVID-19 has affected me mentally, emotionally and even physically. I have been attending School #58 since kindergarten. I fell in love with this school as soon as I stepped in. Majority of my classmates have been enrolled here since kindergarten which made our graduating class unique. Being out of school heightened my emotions and stress. I fell into a deep depression with all the overwhelming deadlines from colleges, high school and not being able to finish my senior season of track and field. Numerous colleges showed interest in me for track scholarships that I so desperately needed. There have been so many times I questioned myself wondering if it’s all worth it. Due to the stress and emotional breakdowns I’ve experienced, I’ve eaten less and lost weight. The transition from being in a classroom to online learning was definitely a push that I never knew I needed. “No one will be there to hold your hand,” these words have haunted me throughout my high school career. Online learning taught me independence and discipline with time management that will guide me throughout college. Although we blindly went into online learning, I have earned a 3.5 GPA. This is highest GPA I have received all school year and I will be graduating with honors! With hard work and dedication anything is possible. I have taken a voluntary leave from work and started to work on myself from the inside out. I do not want this to sound like a sob story. I simply want this to be my story of staying strong and motivation to others in this same predicament. Going through this pandemic has taught me more things about myself and I’ve learned to love myself. I am STRONG and a tremendously blessed young lady. I will take this pandemic as a lesson to not take anything for granted and live in the moment. Don’t forget my name Fairis Freeman, your future psychiatrist.

Thanks for reading!

Fairis Freeman