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Time is running out for New York state students doing remote learning to get their required student immunizations, if they haven’t already.

The New York State Department of Health is requiring all students, regardless if they are learning remotely or in person, to have their vaccinations done before November 11. Local organizations are launching the ‘Keeping Kids Healthy’ campaign to get the word out.

Even with remote learning, pediatricians say immunizations are still needed to protect the community.

“We still have the same exposures to these potential infections that can cause disease and significant harm in children, even if they’re not in the school environment,” said Dr. Laura Jean Shipley, MD, Department of Pediatrics, University of Rochester Medical Center.

The state requires all students to have vaccines completed within 14 days of the start of in-person instruction. This year however, there is a 30-day grace period for students doing remote learning, pushing the deadline to Nov. 11.

That’s why ROC the Future along with the Department of Pediatrics, made up of Rochester Regional and URMC leaders, have launched the ‘Keeping Kids Healthy’ campaign.

“Since so much of how well children do in school is dependent on their health and wellness, this effort is to ensure families have the information they need for immunizations so their learning is not interrupted,” said Jackie Campbell, ROC the Future Alliance Director

The campaign is working on improving access to doctors, so parents can get it done as soon as possible if they haven’t already.

“We’re working collaboratively across practices but also with the school-based health centers and with the Monroe County Department of health so kids can get in quickly to receive the vaccines that they need but then also get connected to a primary care practice so that they have someone they can go to on a really bases,” said Dr. Shipley.

The doctors went on to say whether you’re in the building or at home it is still extremely important to follow all health guidelines.

Again that deadline is Nov. 11 for all students in New York state to completed student immunizations.

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