ROC the Future is partnering with the Whole Child Connection at Children’s Institute, the Greater Rochester After School Alliance, Rochester City School District’s ROC Restorative Initiative, and the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council – Youth Voice One Vision to host a convening on How Learning Happens.  This convening, scheduled for April 18, will bring together youth, educators, and community providers and leaders to talk about how young people learn with a focus on relationships.  There will be a keynote presentation, youth/adult panel, and facilitated table discussions. This convening is funded through a grant from America’s Promise. Rochester was selected from a highly competitive pool to serve as one of five community conveners to advance young people’s social, emotional, and cognitive development.  The convening has three main purposes: 1) Share knowledge about how learning happens; 2) Inspire action and connection across the community; 3) Identify 2-3 opportunities on which the community is poised to act.