Common Ground Health has hit the ground running to obtain feedback for our community’s Wildly Important Goal. They created a work plan and identified key individuals from their organization to lean in to help lead the effort. Their work plan included goals and a timeline to help keep themselves on track.

Utilizing the WIG tool kit, they identified the survey methods that would work best for their constituents. They found success utilizing the online survey, paper questionnaire and in-person discussions. Common Ground Health has strong connections with barbershops and beauty solons through various health initiatives. These trusting relationships allowed for them to connect with community members whose input is not traditionally sought after.

Healthi Kids, an initiative of Common Ground Health, has worked closely with the Rochester City School District for almost a decade. Through grassroots efforts they have established a trusting relationship with parents, teachers and administrators.  The photo above is at School #10 getting feedback from parents during an in-person session.

Common Ground Health also has deep roots in the faith community. They work closely with clergy members and parishioners to improve health outcomes. These relationships allow them to bring discussions and issues into various congregations.

They will continue this effort for the remainder of the year to learn what parents say their kids need to be successful.