Guest essayists: Kilolo S. Moyo-White,  Kearstin Brown-Warren, School and Mary Beth Elko


How many times have students and families supported the call for community support around teachers’ salaries, layoffs and government funding to support Rochester city teachers?

How many times have the children of Rochester represented the face of a campaign to rally around benefits that they rarely experience directly? How many times will voices of youth be uplifted as narratives to affirm the essential value of educators as life changing agents, yet their own narratives are ignored and dismissed when their life experiences and actual futures are at stake?

We are a coalition of parent leaders, community activists, educators, and most importantly, we are concerned citizens. The questions represented here are a small sample of a long list of questions and concerns that we and many parents have in response to the RTA’s Resolution in opposition of RCSD’s Phase 2 and 3 reopening plan.