Every day, we see evidence that the systems of this country are racist and oppressive. And every day, ROC the Future conveners take up the work to build a better future for Rochester’s children.

In this new series, you will read stories written directly by partners who have signed the Black Agenda Group’s declaration, Racism is a Public Health Crisis. Member organizations share their commitment to racial equity and how they gained support from their leadership, board and staff to endorse the declaration.

ROC the Future conveners have committed to developing an anti-racist approach to their work, and actively working to better understand their privilege, the effects of white dominant culture on their organization, and the consequences of systemic racism on educational outcomes.

We know that systems transformation is complex, challenging work. But ROC the Future conveners are up for the challenge. Read their stories below.

Click photo to read REOC’s story. Added Dec. 2020.


Click photo to read TCA’s story. Added Nov. 2020.


Click photo to read Common Ground health’s story. Added Oct. 2020.


Click photo to read GRHF’s photo. Added Sept. 2020.


Click photo to read the Department of Pediatrics’ story. Added Sept. 2020.


Click photo to read Children’s Institute’s story. Added May 2021