Although the physical address for Abraham Lincoln School #22 changed at the end of the summer, their focus on being a community school where students and their families are engaged in their school community and educational journey has remained the same.  School #22 moved into their newly renovated home at 595 Upper Falls Boulevard after being in the Franklin Campus while the remodel took place. They are now located within walking distance to the Jordan Health Center, which is a crucial asset to their community.

School #22 has also welcomed a new Community Schools Site Coordinator into their school family. Corey Hepburn brings years of experience in community work and advocacy to the table.  Some of the projects that they are working on include adding an emergency food pantry through their partnership with Foodlink, and expanding their strategic community partnerships to better service the needs of their school’s population.

Another interesting fact about School #22 is that they are one of our schools in the district that offers Bilingual services, which helps to support our native Spanish speakers through a One-Way Dual Language Enrichment Model through instruction in Spanish and English.  When partnered with their status as an Expanded Learning school, which allows them to offer additional time for socio-emotional, academic and recreational activities beyond the normal school day, Abraham Lincoln is a true community school that focuses on strong academics, family and community engagement, integrated supports for students, and expanded learning time.