In the game of basketball, the term “to pivot” describes both a verb, a movement in which the player holding the ball may move in any direction with one foot.  However, the “pivot” as a noun is the central point or pin on which the player turns, while keeping the other foot (the “pivot foot”) in contact with the floor.  Those familiar with the game know that when a player pivots, they’ve made a split second decision to pursue another path toward the basket, rather than staying on the one they were already on.  It is a decision born of an awareness that the current course, while at one vantage point seemed like the right thing to do and the right direction, may have taken them further from the goal than intended.  But in taking those steps, what once was invisible or previously blocked becomes clearer; a new vantage point opens up and a clearer path towards the goal is now visible.  In pivoting is a realization that there are no wasted steps, as each step provides lessons and greater access, and opportunities for steps in a new direction necessary for success to be realized.

This new year and decade is full with possibilities and challenges for ROC the Future, but we too realize there are no wasted steps, as each step, action and lesson, brings us ever closer to our ultimate goal of Systems Change.  This year, we will dig deep on Systems Change, what it means, and what we as a community need to do to achieve it.  We believe that systems change is possible, and that it will lead to improvement.  We also believe that this change we seek can be accelerated so that more of our children have the access to the supports they need to fully realize their full potential.  This can only happen when we come together, and have a shared understanding of our goals, and how to get there.

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We look forward to both being the pivot, and pivoting in 2020, as we work to bring us all closer to our goals on behalf of Rochester’s children and families.

In Service,

Jackie Campbell

ROC the Future Alliance Director