By: Willie Robinson

What an exciting time it is as we are finding our way back to a sense of normalcy, coming out of a pandemic. Reconnecting with family, friends, co-workers, and students with their friends, at in-person functions is an extremely welcomed reality.

ROC the Future participated in the City of Rochester’s ROC the Block Job Fair event on October 23rd, 2021, at East High School. The primary purpose of the event was for anyone seeking employment opportunities to connect with employers directly for on-the-spot interviews. We set up a table at this event to connect with parents who live in the City of Rochester with kids between the ages of 0 – 18 years old.  It was a wonderful event with lots of active and engaged parents.

If you’ve had a chance to review the toolkit, you will see that there are six different methodologies to collect feedback.

We continue to make strides with the canvassing and board survey methods.

We were able to connect with 33 parents to get feedback that is being gathered toward the goal of connecting with 6000 parents between now and December 2021. The jury is still out in terms of the top priorities, but there are some themes starting to form around the areas where parents are looking for support.

Please keep your eyes and ears open for a RTF WIG outreach event near you. If you have anyone interested in finding out how they can play an active role in gathering input from parents, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at