What is ROC the Future?

ROC the Future is a community cradle to career collaboration for improving academic achievement for children in the city of Rochester, NY. Our work is based on the data-driven StriveTogether framework. Our efforts are currently focused on School Readiness, Early Grade Literacy, and High School Graduation.

Our Mission

ROC the Future is an alliance of over 60 leading Rochester-area institutions and community partners that promotes alignment of community resources to improve the academic achievement of Rochester’s children.

We will achieve this using a collective impact approach. No one individual or business can accomplish significant change by themselves. By working together, funders, providers, and staff are focused on a common agenda. Our efforts are based on evidence-based practice and measured by ROC the Future Annual Report Cards Collectively, we can and will create opportunities for success for every child, from cradle to career.

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Help Us Make an Impact

We want you to be a part of our collective impact. You can make a difference in the future of Rochester City School District’s students. Whether you’re a parent, an educator, a local business, or a concerned citizen, we need your help. Contact us today to help us provide strategic assistance, network communications, and high-quality resources for students.



Action for a Better Community,represented by
Jerome Underwood
Gladys Pedraza-Burgos
Center for Governmental Research*, represented by
Erika Rosenberg
Donna Harris
The Children’s Agenda*, represented by
Jeff Kaczorowski‡
Larry Marx†
Children’s Institute*, represented by
Ann Marie White
Joe McFall
City of Rochester, represented by
Dr. Shirley Green
Liliana Ruiz
Common Ground Health, represented by
Wade Norwood
Dina Faticone
East High School in Partnership with the University of Rochester, represented by
Shaun Nelms†, ROC the Future Chair
Chris Spence
ESL Federal Credit Union, represented by
Ajamu Kitwana†
Michelle Shafer
Farash Foundation, represented by
Megan Bell
Jennie Schaff
Great Schools for All, represented by
Don Pryor
Mark Hare
Greater Rochester Health Foundation, represented by
Matthew Kuhlenbeck
Danette Campbell-Bell
Ibero American Action League, represented by
Angelica Perez-Delgado‡
Miguel Melendez
Monroe Community College, represented by
Andrea Wade
Shawanda Evans
Monroe County, represented by
Corina Crossdale
Thalia Wright
Nazareth College, represented by
Beth Paul
Katie DaBoll-Lavoie
Lisa Hiley† (School Readiness Outcome Team)
North East Charter School Network, represented by
Anna Hall
Rochester Area Community Foundation*, represented by
Jennifer Leonard
Simeon Banister
Chris Dandino (Expanded Learning Opportunities Collaborative Action Network)
Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, represented by
Janelle Harris
Tonya Dickerson
NYS Assembly member Harry Bronson
Rochester City Council, represented by
Miguel Melendez
Rochester City School Board, represented by
Rochester City School District, represented by
Superintendent Lesli Myers-Small
Rochester Education Foundation, represented by
Sara Johnston (College Access Collaborative Action Network)
Amy Stein
Rochester Educational Opportunity Center, represented by
Roosevelt Mareus†‡
Keith Krupzinski
Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative
Aqua Porter
Clayton Waller
Rochester Public Library, represented by
Patricia Uttaro
Melanie Smith
St. John Fisher College, represented by
Kevin Railey
Joellen Maples
The College at Brockport, represented by
Heidi Macpherson
Tom Hernandez
The United Way, represented by
Wanda Cooper
Jenn Cathy
US Congressman Joe Morelle
US Senator Kristen Gillibrand, represented by

*Provides backbone staff support
†Executive Committee

ROC the Future at the Children’s Institute
274 N. Goodman Street, Suite D103
Rochester, NY 14607

Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM