What Does Alignment Look Like Exactly?

As part of the City of Rochester’s 2016-17 Proposed Budget, the City’s budget office incorporated the ROC the Future framework into its “Children and Families Funding” section of the 2016-17 City budget document.

Because a student’s early experiences and physical and social/emotional health impact academic achievement, many City-funded programs contribute to RCSD students’ school success. Expenditures on items such as safe play spaces, access to nutritious food, R-Center programming after school, etc. can play a critical role in supporting a child as s/he moves toward high school graduation and a successful transition to college or career. ROC the Future’s four overarching goals for Rochester’s children that provide the framework for the budget analysis are:

  1. Every Child is School Ready – For children to grow into successful adults, they need a supportive and healthy early environment.
  2. Every Child is Supported – Investments in improving out-of-school-time program quality, expanding capacity, and evaluating outcomes ensures youth receive an appropriate balance of social-emotional, academic, and health and wellness supports to succeed in school and in life.
  3. Every Child is Successful – In order to promote student success, educators, families, service providers, and the community must focus on each student gaining the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the 21st century.
  4. Every Child is College and Career Ready – Students, families, and teachers must have access to college and career information and support, and financial barriers must be addressed.

Research shows that collective action initiatives such as ROC the Future are successful when there is a common community agenda, shared measurement, continuous communication, and mobilization of community resources targeted at achieving specific shared goals. As a key leader in ROC the Future, the City continues to lead by example, by adopting our framework and committing to supporting children…cradle to career.