Session 2 of StriveTogether Leadership Program in Miami, Florida

STLP S2 Miami - RBF

ROC Northstars, the Strive Together Leadership Program team led by Jackie Campbell, ROC the Future Director, and team members Dr. Karen Fahy, Executive Director of ELA/Integrated Literacy, Luis Perez, Director of Greater Rochester Summer Learning Association, Dr. Tolley Reeves, Assistant Director of Rochester Public Library, and Amy Schiavi, Chief of Superintendent’s Receivership Schools at RCSD, participated in the second Strive leadership program session in Miami, Florida in early March. The second session, “Accountability, Alignment, Action” brought the five Accelerator Grant cohort community teams together again to learn processes and share the progress of their projects over two days. Teams applied strategies from the last meeting and learned new strategies and tools to apply to their cradle-to-career projects, and had time to discuss their successes, challenges and ideas with the other Strive Together teams.

At Session Two, ROC Northstars used the Equitable Results sequence to develop an action plan with strategies and performance measures aligned to the factors most impacting their target population, Rochester City School District 3rd grade students of color. During the session workshops, the team strengthened facilitation skills and developed plans to grow their competency in collaborative leadership to advance results work. It was important to recognize their own accountability (as a team and as individuals) and learn how to hold accountability conversations that advance results. The team made action commitments during the session to move the equitable results work forward. An important part of the closing session was to share peer feedback and coaching among the networks as each team prepares for its STLP site visit.

After the team’s return, they created an agenda for the March 22nd Early Grade Literacy Outcome Team meeting that included using some of the strategies of Results Based Facilitation (RBF) from Session Two workshops.  At that meeting, members reviewed research highlights on factors to share information on how prioritized factors have supported other communities. They engaged in a key driver diagram small group activity to brainstorm strategies aligned to the prioritized factors, and approved guidelines for use by the small groups who will make site visits. Finally, the team made action commitments to support the team’s accountability.