ReadyRosie is on the Move

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Over 1700 people are registered for the ReadyRosie app which provides Modeled Moment videos showing a simple, quick, and fun activity that is rooted in learning goals for children. As an added bonus, teachers can now send curated playlists to parents to align with lessons taught in the classroom through ReadyRosie Share.

ReadyRosie is an early education tool that helps families, schools, and communities across the nation deepen and scale their family engagement efforts. Since our community-wide launch, we have seen a 53% increase in registered users over the past year.

The tool leverages the power of video modeling, family workshops, professional development opportunities, and mobile technology to build powerful partnerships between families and educators. We are now rolling out individualized trainings for teachers at schools to learn new ways to implement ReadyRosie in the classroom. To schedule your training, contact Tanishia Johnson, Family and Community Empowerment Manager at

ReadyRosie Data Tip:

The more playlists a teacher shares, the more parents view the videos.

When teachers create more playlists, we can push the curve up on family engagement in their child’s learning.