Outcomes Framework

In December 2017, Conveners adopted a new framework for ROC the Future. This framework is organized around three priority areas – School Readiness, Early Grade Literacy and High School Graduation. In addition to the work happening in the school readiness space, through the pre-existing School Readiness network, two new teams were formed under the framework, Early Grade Literacy and High School Graduation. The primary responsibility of these teams are identifying and prioritizing our community-wide focus on factors that make the most difference, identifying key stakeholders, and monitoring progress towards achieving improvement. These core outcomes are key measures of well-being for children and youth, not at one school or one neighborhood, but for our entire city.

These 7 core outcomes (or indicators) listed below are critical benchmarks children and youth need to achieve in order to transition to the next phase of the learning process in the cradle-to-career continuum:

  1. Kindergarten Readiness
  2. Early Grade Reading
  3. Middle Grade Math
  4. High School Graduation
  5. Post-Secondary Enrollment
  6. Post-Secondary Completion
  7.  Employment

See a visual of the Outcomes Framework here.

To see the report card measuring our progress, click here. The following provides descriptions and contact information for each of the three current Outcome Teams aligned with ROC the Future. Each team includes a diverse group of stakeholders such as service providers, educators, training and policy experts supporting the work, and others with information relevant to the desired outcomes.

  1. The School Readiness Outcome Team is led by Dirk Hightower of the Children’s Institute dhightower@childrensinstitute.net (585) 295-1000 x222  Since 2011, this team has focused on school readiness across four areas:  1) helping the community support kindergarten readiness, 2) helping child-serving organizations and schools support children in the context of their families, 3) helping families acquire the skills needed to support their children’s school readiness, which together allow 4) the child to be ready for school at kindergarten. This team meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 10:30 to Noon at the Children’s Institute.
  2. The Early Grade Literacy Outcome Team is led by Patty Uttaro of the Rochester Public Library (585) 428-8045 and Karen Fahy of the Rochester City School District (585) 262-8222 This team began in 2018 and is focused on improving 3rd grade literacy within RCSD. It is reviewing data and research that supports reading and literacy acquisition so that children are able to read on grade level by 3rd grade. The team is reviewing a community reading proposal for implementation in schools #5, #19, and#39.
  3. The High School Graduation Outcome Team  is led by Hank Rubin of the Frederick Douglas Family Initiatives, hankrubin@me.com, Dr. Cecilia Golden of the Rochester City School District (585) 262-8584 and Rosemary Rivera of Citizen Action, NY (585) 520-6542 This team launched in 2018 and completed a deep dive into the factors tied to on-time high school graduation, and what stopped some students from reaching this critical benchmark. The research showed that critical to improving the high school graduation rate was supporting students in the 9th grade year, so that they were able to obtain the right amount of credits and don’t fall behind.  The team will be working with two high schools, Edison Technical and Wilson Commencement (selected through a proposal process), to develop actions and interventions that support students in their 9th grade year as a strategy to improve graduation rates.