Community Schools Task Force

Community schools

What would educational outcomes look like if every school in our community was a hub and access point for services children and families need? A Community School is just that. It is both a place and strategy for organizing resources around the needs of students and families to provide critical elements that students and families need to thrive. A Community School addresses the needs of the “whole child” and “whole family.” They are defined by how they organize their assets and resources to address the needs of their students, families, and neighborhoods. ROC the Future and RCSD will convene the Community Schools Task Force to determine what role, if any, ROC the Future should play in the development and implementation of Community Schools in Rochester.

Below are the recommended readings for the Community Schools Task Force:

Community Schools: Transforming Struggling Schools to Thriving Schools – pp. 1-10; 25-32; 40-46

Building Community Schools: A Guide for Action – Forward and Introduction, and pp. 1-20

Achieving Results Through Community School Partnerships 

Portland/Multnomah County, Oregon: More than a promise – Where learning happens

Cincinnati, Ohio: One brick at a time – How a facilities master plan enhanced collaborative decision making

Tulsa, Oklahoma: Learning from other initiatives and planning for sustainability