Community Schools are on the Rise

Asian teacher

What would educational outcomes look like if every school in our community was a hub and access point for services children and families need? A Community School is just that. It is both a place and strategy for organizing resources around the needs of students and families to provide critical elements that students and families need to thrive. Our district currently has 10 community schools and we are supporting RSCD to standardize and expand more.

Community Schools are making a difference and we are leading efforts through the newly established Community Schools Leadership Team to turn more schools into a hub of resources to address the needs of the whole child and whole family. To date, we’ve toured schools #17, #45 and #9 and met with the principals and key staff. Rochester’s Community Schools Leadership Team will continue school site visits to understand the various school communities and their operational structures into the spring.

David L. Kirp, a professor of public policy at the University of California, Berkeley and a senior fellow at the Learning Policy Institute is a contributing opinion writer at the New York Times. Read his piece, The Community School Comes of Age. The model is expanding rapidly. Is it a fad, or the future? in this New York Times column spotlighting P.S. 188 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, known as the Island School. This school is one of 247 community schools in New York.