A Message from the Director


school bus

August has ended, and with it comes our annual renewed focus on all things education.  Over the past few weeks, more than 40 thousand Pre-K to 12th grade students returned to school, about 30,000 to the Rochester City School District alone.  Parents busied themselves readying their students, teachers and educators prepared classrooms and lessons, and the community at large did its part by distributing book bags, school supplies, and well wishes.  This annual ritual is usually met with much excitement on both ends, and represents our collective energy for shared goals, vision, and hope for a good school year.

As we enter the school year, it is worth reminding ourselves of a few lessons we’ve learned this past year.  In March, we launched a campaign “Our Children. Our Future.” and reached out to then NYS Education Commissioner Elia to encourage that she work with us and the community to improve our schools.  While the effort stalled in ROC the Future for several reasons, it did help us to reaffirm community partnerships as well as establish new relationships committed to our goals.  The feedback we received helped to inform our current efforts to better engage parents and families so that we can better serve students.

We know that this is not a sprint; it’s a marathon relay, and one we can only win by working together to reach our goals.  Our collective success will very much depend on our collective effort.  We must all share in this work, together… each doing their own part, and coming together to align critical actions that will result in our mutual success.

We are…Focused on Children’s Success.  TOGETHER!