A Message from the Director

feb 8th convener meeting

The month of February has been nothing short of miraculous!

On Friday, February 8th, ROC the Future held a historic meeting, with invited guests, to discuss our collective thoughts on Dr. Jaime Aquino’s report on the Rochester City School District, the newly released RCSD response and the potential response from NYSED Commissioner Mary-Ellen Elia.  To help facilitate consensus building with more than 70 people, and on something of this magnitude, we engaged Junious Williams Consulting, from Oakland California, who masterfully shared his experience and best thinking on what might work for our community.  It was an exciting and engaged meeting that ended with a small group of leaders raising their hands to come together to the RCSD response, and to determine how and when RTF should respond.

During the next 13 days, this small group met 3 times, and, having review the RCSD 110 page response before their first meeting, quickly came to the determination that the response was less than what was expected, and for RTF to communicate directly to Commissioner Elia our thoughts, with the expectation that we work to co-create, with the community, a world-class education for Rochester’s children!

Our leadership and the greater Rochester community agrees that it is way past time for talk, and that action is needed now.  Please stay tuned for updates that will be shared in the coming weeks and months, as we plan our next steps for creating change for Our children, Our Future!

For the Children!

Jackie Campbell

ROC the Future Alliance Director