A Message from the Director

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Our Children. Our Future!

Last month, ROC the Future launched the “Our Children. Our Future.” Campaign in response to the steps taken by the RCSD, resulting from Dr. Jaime Aquino’s, Distinguished Educator Report.  We view the campaign as a call to action for the entire community to amplify our collective efforts, to ensure that all of Rochester’s children are college and career ready. 

Our intent was, and is simply this:

  1. We view the assignment of the Distinguished Educator last summer as, in fact, the first step of state intervention, and his resultant report as a call to action for the community to step forward. As Rochester’s singular cradle-to-career collective impact entity, ROC the Future is prepared to stand as a partner to answer the call, and to work closely with the RCSD and the Commissioner to support educational change.
  2. Our committed membership and partner engagement make us uniquely qualified to represent multiple sectors of our community, AND we are committed to taking the appropriate action to “expand our already substantial representation to ensure that authentic community voice is engaged.”
  3. This URGENT “call to action” presents our community with two opportunities:
  • To focus on the immediate steps needed in the short-term, to address the practices, policies, and adult behaviors detailed in the DE Report to improve the quality of the education students are receiving right now.
  • For the long-term, to start from the bottom-up to build a world class education system for Rochester’s children.

Plain, but not so simple. We’ve received lots of support for stepping forward to say that something different must be done.  And, if truth be told, we also received a fair amount of criticism, some of this from our supporters and friends.  But while there may be differing opinions on how to go about it and the specifics of what to do, no one is arguing that we, the “community”, should just do nothing!

Our leadership and the greater Rochester community agrees that it is way past time for talk, and that action is needed now.  Please stay tuned for updates that will be shared in the coming weeks and months, as we plan our next steps for creating change for Our Children. Our Future!


For the Children,

Jackie Campbell

ROC the Future Alliance Director